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Custom Baby Boutique Fabric Selections

Want to buy some fabric by the yard?

We send Fabric Samples for $1.50 each. 

          I would love to help you pick out fabrics/coordinates...
please pick at least one fabric &  I can help you with the rest!
email me!

Designer and Decorator Fabric Choices:
(For more Choices, also see our Clearance Fabrics Page!)


Dino Dudes - 
(Matches Ring Dots)

Spice Olive Ring Dots

Aqua Ring Dots

Dig It

Citron Bungalow Stripe

Peak Hour Small Cars, 3" cars, grey background Peak Hour Small Cars, 3" cars, green background Peak Hour Large Cars, 6" cars, light aqua background  Peak Hour Dots, lime with dark aqua dots Tan Plaid with Sage and Light Brown

Multi Bots and Rockets

Blue Rocket Waves

Bot Sprockets

Aqua Sail Boats and Lighthouses

Sage Green Robots

Orange Robots

Red with White Dots

Baby Blue Stripe


Pirates Stripe

Frog Mud Chow Going Places Roads and Trains Amy Butler - Oxford Stripe Sage and Lime NEW!  Game On Sports

Retro Play Stripe

Foot Locker Sports

Soccer Balls

Red Baseball Toile

Navy Baseball Toile

Aqua Lizards

 Grey Lizards

Patchwork Plaid for Boys

Blue Circus Animals Fabric Blue with Light Blue Ta Dot

Wild West - Red

Wild West - Black

Chocolate with Yellow and Aqua Dots

Chocolate and Brown Wheels Damask 
(circles are about 3")

Tweedle Dee Tile (Grey and Red)

Fireman's Hats Black

Fireman's Hats Aqua

Wheel Dots Black

Wheel Dots Aqua

Orange Pindot

Black/Blue Fire Hoses

Red/Blue Fire Hoses 

Yellow Construction Signs

Construction Cones

 Dig It

Blue Airplanes

Primary Blue Pindot

Blue Leopard

Blue Aqua Stripe

Blue Rings

Olive/Sage Pindot Red Pindot Black Pindot Baby Pink Pindot Hot Pink Pindot
Red Chevron Lavender Chevron Lavender w White Dots Aqua Chevron Pink Chevron

Pink, Hot Pink, Aqua, Lime, Orange

Hot Pink/Pink
 Heart Flowers

Lime Background Heart Flowers

Light Aqua Background Heart Flowers

Dark Aqua Background Heart Flowers Stitched Solids

Orange and Hot Pink Floral
Lime and Yellow Pirouette Dark Aqua and Lime Pirouette Fleur De Lis Light Aqua Fleur De Lis Dark Aqua Sculpted Garden 
(2nd one)
Coral and Orange Heart Flowers Brown Spice Stripe Spice Flowers on Brown Background Brown and Orange Heart Flowers
Bohemian Festival - Pink, by Riley Blake Bohemian Festival Stripe Bohemian Festival Aqua Blue Dots Tweety Bird - Gray with Aqua, Orange and Pink colors Orange Pindot

Citrus Meadow Dots Yellow Happy Butterfly Blush Happy Butterfly

Cool Treats Ice Cream

Blue Disco Dots

Spa Floral Spa Dot Coral Vintage Iron Work Toffee Party Dress Meadow Foliage

Hot Pink Zebra

Aqua Zebra

Ocean Temple Tiles

Earth Flora

Earth Tiny Flower

Daisy Stripe

Pink Daisy Dance

Pink Petal Daisy Flower

Mod Swirls

Aqua Scroll

Gypsy Bandana Paisley - (On Backorder)

Gypsy Bandana
Pink Kaleidoscope

Gypsy Bandana
Lime Kaleidoscope

Gypsy Bandana Hot Pink with Lime Dots

Milano Blossom

Chocolate Scroll

Aqua Blue/Chocolate Paisley

Park Slope Chocolate and Pink Floral

Pink Flower Crystals

Carnival Bloom Flowers
(Brown Background)


Paris Eiffel Hot Pink

Wild Thing - Hot Pink/raspberry

Sorbet - Pink/Lime
 Disco Dots

Lime Green Leopard

 Ta Dot - Deep Pink and Orange

Gothic Arch

Pink Clover Dot

Baby Pink/Raspberry Smaller Leopard Lime Flower and Lady Bugs

Flower Child 
yellow/hot pink

Brown Background, 
Pink flower dots

Pink Background/ & white dots

Pink and White Dandy Damask

Pink Medallion Bloom Pink Petal Party

Paris Eiffel Baby Pink/Brown

Brown Background/
pink small dots

Pink and Chocolate Dandy Damask

Chocolate/Pink Paisley

Red/Pink Apple Dot

Lavender and Grey Quatre Foils 

Lavender Lollidot

Dainty Damask - Purple/Lavender

Purple Clown Stripe

Pink and Chocolate Ladybugs and Dragonflies

Lime Flowers - Modkid

Park Slope Flowers

 Ta Dot - Lime

Flower Shower - aqua and orange flowers

Aqua/Dark Grey Dots

Flower Shower - Gray Background w Pinks

Orchid Garden Pindot

Orchid Boho Blossom-Really Dk Brown Background...looks almost black

Orchid/Hot Pink Clown Stripe

Modern Flora
(larger print,
 4" wide flowers)


Gray and White Damask 

Pink/Green Mini Dots

Hot Pink Swirly Cartwheel

Felicity Patchwork

Myraid - 3 Pinks

Black Swirly 

Black/white Damask

Black Background and Small White Dots

B/W Zebra Print

Tan/ Black Leopard

Fireworks - Pink

Beads - Pink

Calliope - Pink

Ritzy Chocolate Flowers

Dapper Stripe Chocolate

Majella - Pink

Albery - Pink Stripe
(Majella coordinate)

Chocolate Brown and White Damask

Chocolate Brown with White Dots

Brown Snow Dots

Blue/Yellow Petals

Blue/Yellow Criss Cross

Blue/Yellow Small Flower Doodle

Blue/Yellow Small Ditto Dots Dark Grey and Hot Pink Flowers
Navy Blue Party Dress with Rasbperry Flowers Henna Floral Paisley
(really large Print, 
8" Paisley)
Scrollwork - Raspberry Raspberry Henna
Spring Stripey

Farmer's Market Line:
(these fabrics made to mix and match together):

Designer Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller Fabrics
 Ginger Blossom Line
 (these fabrics made to mix and match together):

Caribe Ginger Tile

Breeze Ginger Tile

Breeze Lei

Breeze Blossom Buds

Meadow Tortoise Plaid

Breeze Vintage Dots

Blush Vintage Stripe

Avocado Ginger Tile

Caribe Blossom Buds

Caribe Vintage Dots

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(For more Choices, also see our Clearance Fabrics Page!)

(Holiday Fabrics Page)

Soft Backing Choices

Minkee (Minky) fabric has a wonderful SOFT feel!  You won't be able to quit petting this fabric!

This makes a great backing for a nap mat, blanket or a little lovey blanket

Primary Blue Minky Dots

Navy Blue Minky Dots

Chocolate Brown Minky Dots

Olive/Sage Green Minky Dots

Crimson Red Minky Dots

Baby Pink Dots

Lime Green Minky Dots

Black Minky Dots

Lavender Minky Dots

Cherry Red Minky Dots

Hot Pink Minky Dots

Pink/White Damask
MINKY, no dots

Sage/White Damask
MINKY, no dots

Lavender/W Damask
MINKY, no dots

Grey (Charcoal) Minky Dots

Hot Pink Chenille

Pink/White Harlequin Diamonds
MINKY, no dots

Sage/White Harlequin Diamonds
MINKY, no dots

Blue/White Harlequin Diamonds
MINKY, no dots

Baby Blue Minky Dots

Turquoise Minky Dots

Light Aqua Minky Dots

Dark Aqua Blue Minky Dots

Yellow Minky Dots

Orange Minky Dots

Chocolate Brown Paisley Minky Hot Pink Paisley Minky Girl's Owls Minky - Hot Pink, Orange, Chocolate, Aqua, Yellow Boy's Owls Minky - Yellow, Orange, Chocolate, Aqua and Royal Blue Whales Minky - Dark Aqua, Chocolate Brown, Yellow and Red
Watermelon Paisley Minky Valencia - Fresia,
Pair w Watermelon <-- or chocolate
Madrid - Marina
(pair with chocolate)

Gingham & Denim Coordinate Choices:


Sky Blue Gingham

Navy Blue Gingham

Green Gingham

Crimson Red Gingham


Chocolate/Pink Gingham

Black/White Gingham

Blue Denim

Black Twill

Pink, Hot Pink, Aqua, Lime, Orange

Chocolate Brown Twill

Raspberry Pink Denim

Hot Pink Twill Stitched Solids

          Build a Nap Mat from these fabrics:
          Build a Burp Cloth from these fabrics:


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