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Our Pickles Baby Shop!



~ Completely Custom Nap Mat Rolls ~

Boy Example Mats, Custom Designed!


Custom Nap Mats, 55" length - $114

Add Fleece Blanket= $15

Add Minky Dots Blanket = $26

Add Name Plate = $10

New!  Patchwork Plaid with Denim Trim, Navy Minky dots backing.

Dig it and Citron stripe

Pirates Matey Fabric with Pirates Stripe Trim in Brown and Blue.  This is a great mat for your little boy!  In-Stock Here

Denim Outside, with Retro Play Stripe Trim

Dark (Navy) Denim with 
Amy Butler Oxford Sage Stripe Trim

Blue Rocket Waves with Orange Robots Trim

Aqua Wheel Dots with Blueberry Clown Stripe Trim and Red Accents
(we have Black Wheel Dots too!)

Camo with Black Denim Trim

Blue Denim with Citron Bungalow Stripe Trim

Construction Cones with Denim Trim

Blue Aqua Rings and Blue Aqua Stripe Trim

Blue/Aqua Stripes with Ring Dots Trim

Pirate Stripe and Denim

Dig it with Bungalow Stripe Trim and denim Name Plate.  Inside can be any color of minky you like!

Blue/Aqua Stripes with same stripes trim

Aqua Stripe mat and Denim Mat

Green Space Robots and Retro Stripe Trim, navy Minky Dots inside

Blue Airplanes Fabric/Crimson Red 
Gingham Trim

Tractors with Black Trim and Royal Blue Minky Inside

Navy and White Chevron with Alligator Name Plate, Solid Navy Trim

Scooters Mat with Royal Blue Pindot Trim and Sage Minky Inside

Dark Denim with Blue/Aqua Stripe Trim

Navy Baseball with Crimson Gingham Trim

Navy Baseball with Thin Navy Stripe Trim

Dark Denim with Pirate Stripe Trim

Spa Blue Galaxy Dots with 
Galaxy Wavehill Trim

Red Wild West (have Black Wild West Too!)
So cute with denim or gingham

Navy Baseball with dark denim trim

Denim with same trim and and Red Dots Name Plate Mat

Red Wild West with navy gingham trim

Camo with Black Trim

Aqua Sailboats Mat with Blueberry Clown Stripe Trim
Red Baseball with Navy Baseball Trim

Airplanes with gingham trim and denim name plate

Wild West with denim backing and trim

Camo with black minkee

Soar!  Cartoon Airplanes Fabric with Zig Zag Trim.

Footlocker Sports Mat with 
Navy Gingham Trim

Footlocker Sports Mat with 
Crimson Red Gingham Trim

Frog Mud Chow Mat with Olive/Sage
 Pin Dots Trim

Inside of a Nap Mat with Minky Dots Inside Fabric, and Minky Dots blanket

Dig it with Yellow Construction Signs Trim

Order a custom nap mat and choose your fabrics.  We offer a wide variety of fabrics and can make your mat any way you like!  There are 3 fabric locations, inside/outside/trim.  A soft fabric choice such as minkee dots or chenille are popular for the inside of the mat where the kids sleep.  We can help pick out fabrics, but you must choose the front/outside theme of your mat and we can help you from there!

 Order a 55" Long 
Custom Nap Mat -  $114.00
Any 3 fabrics you choose (outside, inside and trim)   
Name embroidered on the outer fabric included
 (name plate option $10 extra, add below to cart)
Blanket Options/Pricing
Font Choices:
Thread Color
Blanket Color, If Option Chosen
Fabric Choices: (Outside, Inside and Trim)
Name to be Embroidered
Additional Notes
Name Plate Addition ($10) and other options
~add one at a time to the cart~
Name Plate Fabric Choice:
Note About Option Selected:

We also have our most popular sellers in-stock, ready to add a name to them if you don't want to pick everything out about your mat or you need one quickly!


Custom Nap Mats, 55" length - $114

  • Price includes Embroidery/monogramming with the Child's name 
              * Name Plate Option +$10

  • Built-in pillow 
       We use non-bunching stuffing so NO lumpy pillows after washing!

  • Almost 2" thick with 2 layers of 10 oz. of resin-coated batting, 
       the resin coating adds body to the batting (not floppy)!

  • Measure  22-24" wide x 55" long and come with optional:
             *Lightweight fleece blanket (+$15)--or minky dots blanket ($26) 
                  attached down 1-side on the back

  • Thick shoulder strap for carrying & velcro tab closure.

  • Completely machine washable and tumble dry, 
    quality materials make washing this mat easy ~ read our testimonials section



To Design a mat, choose up to 3 fabrics

  • Front (outside of the roll)

  • Back where they sleep (inside of the roll)

  • Trim around the edge.

    email questions


Washing Instructions for Nap Mats (most frequent question!):

Wash by itself, cold water, tumble dry low.  I send some "Soft" velcro tabs on your receipt to cover the "rough" velcro on the mat so the mat doesn't catch on itself or the optional blanket. 



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